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account summary

Disk Space  
50 MB disk space  
20 email addresses
3000 MB/M data transfer  
20 autoresponders
General Features  
Website control panel  
Frontpage extensions
1 Static IP address  
Detailed web statistics
True Domain name  
Access to raw logs
File Manager  
Anonymous FTP
Archive Manager  
Password Protected pages
Web-based email
Telnet (SSH)  
Script Capabilities
Form to email  
Java Applets
Your own CGI-BIN  
PHP 4 (Always latest PHP)
Perl. C, SH, Java, Python  
NOC Services/Hardware  
State of the Art NOC  
Pentium Processor
Daily Backup  
Redundant Power Backup
24/7 Monitoring  
Multimedia Services  
Real Video
Midi files  
Real Audio
Technical Support  
Free email Technical Support 7 days per week
Hosting Packages
Features explained
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