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The following information is of a much more technical nature - we like to keep our information as simple as possible, but appreciate that sometimes more technical material is required, either by your Information Services (IS) departments or by programmers. We hope that you find this information useful, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more help.

State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure

Our large and scalable facility is expertly designed to optimise and protect your IT operations. A diversely routed fibre optic Dual OC-3 backbone (Level 3 and Genuity) provides reliable, high-speed Internet access and guarantees the bandwidth you need.’s power system features dual power feeds for each equipment rack, uninterrupted power supply protection (UPS), redundant auxiliary power sources, and a 480 volt, three-phase emergency generator with approximately 72 hours of fuel. has two independent cooling systems, each capable of maintaining the facility at optimal temperatures.'s facility is constructed of self-extinguishing materials and is equipped with a zone-controlled fire suppressions system.

High security protection for your data protects your data and equipment with several layers of physical and electronic barriers. Physical access to the facility is controlled and monitored by advanced biometric hand scan technology, infrared sensors detecting changes in heat, and closed-circuit video surveillance. places a powerful shield between your data and electronic intruders. We use the latest network security protocols, firewall technology, anti-virus software, and encryption techniques. Our Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) scans all inbound traffic for rogue activity, invalid log-on attempts, and other suspicious activity that may compromise security. Our security experts think like hackers and use the hackers’ favourite tools to ensure's security systems stay tight.


Dual power feeds to equipment racks; uninterrupted power supply (UPS) protection; redundant auxiliary power sources; 480-volt generator with approximately 72 hours of fuel; underground utilities connections for lightening protection.

Network connectivity

Diversely routed OC-3 fibre connections

Network security

Firewalls, anti-virus applications, and intruder-detection scanning applications.


Conductive flooring to eliminate static discharge. Elevated equipment racks six inches above floor level.

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